Welcome to Five Elms Primary School Website. Key Stage 2, Sports Day, Monday 6th July, 1:45pm and Key Stage 1 Sports day, Tuesday 7th July from 1:45pm.

Here at Five Elms, we firmly believe in working in close partnership with you to ensure that your child’s time here is happy and successful – both academically and personally.

Whole School Attendance

The percentage for attendance last week was:   94.05%

Upcoming Summer Events


Description: http://cliparts.co/cliparts/pi5/8yL/pi58yLjdT.jpgDue to the lack of parent helpers, this year’s Summer Fete will not be going ahead.  In its place, we are running a very popular Inflatables Day on Thursday 9th July from 3pm to 4.30p.m.  Our choir and dance group will also be performing!  Light refreshments will be on sale. Come along and join in the fun!

Code Club for Years 5 &6

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'Years 5 & 6 Code Club', will be starting on Thursday 4th June at 3:30pm - 4:30pm.

Children will be learning how to create web pages online using a site called Trinket A coding environment which allows children to create web pages online. The club will run until July the 9th. 

Children will have an opportunity to write their own HTML. They will create their own story, adding panels, images and captions to a comic book style webpage.

Below is an example of the programming projects children  have been creating, to view some more  of the project work go to the Code Club page by clicking here.

Rock Band, By Josiah Poulter, Amber Class.

Maths Games videos

Children at Five Elms have created videos, which demonstrate games you can play at home, which help improve children's mathematical skills. To view them click here.

Purple Mash Display Boards.

Take a look at some of the work Five Elms Children have been creating using Purple Mash tools.  Click here  

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