Welcome to Five Elms Primary. Children return to school, Thursday 3rd September 2015 at the usual times. Have a good holiday.

Here at Five Elms, we firmly believe in working in close partnership with you to ensure that your child’s time here is happy and successful – both academically and personally.

Whole School Attendance

The percentage for attendance last week was:   95.53%

Upcoming Summer Events

Artyface will be at Five Elms for a week.

13th July to 17th July:  Some of our children will be involved in helping to make a mosaic for the school. 

Friday 17th July: New Class Changeover 

Friday 17th July: Year 6 Disco (6pm to 8pm) – Your child must be picked up by an adult.

Monday 20th July:  Last day for Nursery

Tuesday  21st July:  Last day of term – school ends at 1.15pm promptly!

New Classes for 2015/16

Maths Games videos

Children at Five Elms have created videos, which demonstrate games you can play at home, which help improve children's mathematical skills. To view them click here.

Purple Mash Display Boards.

Take a look at some of the work Five Elms Children have been creating using Purple Mash tools.  Click here  

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Hiccup's Science Workshop:  features science experiments, free printables and worksheets with a focus on the scientific method.